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Robert Lusson, PsyD

Robert Lusson, PsyD Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Families

Professional Statement

"...getting old is not for sissies.... Bette Davis...it brings a smile to my face even in the worst of times." I remember the smile on my client's face and my own when she said it to me. I mainly work with clients in the third third of life; first third 1-30; second third 30-60; third third 60 and above.... if you understood that you have passed my cognitive test and we can talk. Seriously, I am a client-centered psychologist meaning that I try to adapt my clinical process to your needs and what is going on with you. I traditionally work in a brief emotional therapy context, 4-7 sessions, although that too is based on client needs. .....In short, I help people make sense of their lives at this moment in time.... Clinician Client rapport is an important part of therapy. We can schedule an intake/evaluation to see if we are a good match. If so, great. If not, I will help refer you to a clinician better suited to you. Thank you for your time. Dr. Lusson There is no need to read on but you may if you want. There is just form content below. I am a licensed clinical psychologist...I work with individuals in 2 ways. First I help with managing whatever issues you may currently be experiencing so that you can survive this period without the damage that we can often inflict upon ourselves when we are struggling. Managing ourselves and our issues is extremely important and gives us a sense of empowerment as we learn to get through these times without burning down our world. knowing we now have a successful plan in place for the future do so Secondly, once we have stabilized ourselves and have a plan for successful management of issues, we can begin to look at the underlying causes of our issues, for example, anxiety or depression. By looking at underlying causes we may be able to better understand what may be triggering our issues and in that way reduce their power over us. Many of my clients choose not to get into a deeper understanding of issues and are content with a successful management plan for when issues arise. That is perfectly fine as no one needs to force you to look at history or past events you do not wish to get into. Successful management of ourselves and issues or problems in the here and now is a very worthwhile goal, actually maybe its the only goal. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you with your concerns. Dr. Lusson


PsyD in Clinical Psychology - The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
MA in Clinical Psychology - Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology
BA in Psychology - Florida International University

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